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A complete bathroom

People often ask me what I mean by a complete bathroom, what does it include?

It is what it says, a complete bathroom. Not just a freshen up with new tiles and sanitaryware, but taking the room back to bare brick if necessary, and ensuring the correct wall and floor coverings are used to make sure everything is watertight, and the bathroom is made to last.

It's not uncommon to start deconstructing a bathroom and discover the plasterboard or flooring is soaking wet and needs to be replaced.

We can remove any unsuitable materials and replace with new sufficient waterproof coverings, adding matting on the floor if tiles are to be used, to get the perfect finish.

While the bathroom is a shell, all pipework is assessed and upgraded and lagged if necessary. Any pipes and electrical cables are channeled into the walls for a perfect finish.

We work with electricians to finish off any lighting, sockets and electric underfloor heating.

To show the progression of a big bathroom upgrade here are a few photo's along the way.

Original bathroom with wood panelling, lino floor, boxing in and outdated suite.

Starting to rip it all out, when the shower was dismantled, the walls were saturated behind the tiles and plasterboard was replaced with cement board to reduce the risk of moisture soaking in. Under the shower tray was very wet too, so all was dried out and replaced with a modern low level stone resin tray. All copper pipework and drainage was upgraded at this point.

Notice to the right of the basin. Removing the boxing in revealed an old boiler flue, which was removed and wall made good. You can also see the old pipework, which was all upgraded.

Looking pretty bare, but taking it down to bare walls and beams ensures nothing gets missed!

Demolishing the old shower cubicle. Also, the roof is starting to get it's new insulation, making sure the bathroom is both warm and breathable.

New copper pipework going in, insulation being replaced as it's above a garage so needs plenty. The pipes will all be lagged where necessary. There's no point putting a lovely new bathroom in with old pipework.

The finished result, quite a transformation from the green suite and wood panelling.

Making the best use of space with a low level shower tray and slimline fixed safety glass shower screen.

This is just one of many transformations we've worked on. Just ask if you have a bathroom you think needs a bit of love.


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