• Lee Morris

What's it going to cost me?!

There are certain questions that come up again and again. So I thought it would be a good idea to answer these.

Nobody enjoys handing over their hard earned money to a plumber, especially when a problem arises out of the blue!

It's important to trust the person who comes to fix a problem or install a new boiler in your home, it's also important to know you're not getting ripped off, and that that person is both qualified and insured.

I am fully qualified and insured to work with gas boilers, appliances, pipework and installations in both domestic and light commercial premises.

The first question is often, what is it going to cost?

For smaller jobs I can give a rough idea over the phone, and then confirm upon visiting and seeing what needs to be done. I don't charge by the hour, but by the job, so you will always know the final bill before I start working.

For bigger jobs, for example, a new heating system, I will visit you, do an inspection and ask what you require from it, e.g. instant hot water etc... I will then advise the best solution. I will be able to give a very rough idea of price at this time, and if you're happy I will write a very detailed quote.

I don't have a minimum call out charge, and the price you are given is what you'll pay, there are no hidden fee's to surprise you!


What does a boiler service / landlord certificate cost?

I charge from £60 for a boiler service, depending on the model. Any issues found when performing the service will be an extra charge, which I will notify you of before work is carried out.

Landlord certificates are charged at £60 - £90 depending on how many gas applicances are in the property.

What do you charge to install / replace a boiler?

How long is a piece of string. Each house, heating system and persons requirements are different, so the only way of pricing a job like this is to visit you and go through all the details. Prices for this kind of work are upwards of £1,200

What boiler manufacturers do you work with?

The main companies I use are Worcester Bosch and Vaillant, but depending on customers specifications I can fit all domestic natural gas boilers. I obtain these boilers myself from reputable and trusted suppliers and they are under full warranty should any problems arise.

And always remember, you can do it cheap or you can do it properly....


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