• Lee Morris

Something to think about when purchasing a property.

When buying a property it can be very overwhelming with so much to think about, from the finances through to the logistics of actually relocating on the move day.

The cost of moving is generally well thought about from the beginning, but things further down the line once you've moved in are good to be considered also at this stage.

If you plan on renovating / modernising then there's even more to think about.

For any work that might include plumbing and/or gas work;

1. Can it be done, is it feasible?

2. Can you do it yourself, or do you need to get someone in?

3. What will it cost? Is this something you need to factor in to the mortgage total you borrow, or the sale price you you agree on your property.

4. Are there any regulations you need to adhere to which could involve extra paperwork?

So what things might you want to think about?

1. Boiler. Does it work? Is it safe? When was it last serviced? Does it need replacing?

2. Are there any gas or water leaks, this isn't something that would necessarily show up on your survey.

3. Has it got the heating system you want? Do you want additional radiators / underfloor heating etc?

4. Does it have adequate hot water for your needs. If you want additional baths / showers and it has a combi boiler, you might need to change the water heating system.

5. Do you need any extra bathroom / wc facilities, and are your requirements possible for how the drainage is positioned etc?

6. If you want an open fire / log burner, do you need a gas fire and/or back boiler removing / relocating?

7. If it has a gas fire, is it safe and efficient?

8. If you want to upgrade any gas appliances do you have the minimum gas flow rate? This requires only a simple check. Adding more appliances could mean needing to upgrade your gas pipework to a larger size for everything to run correctly and safely. (You don't want to do this after decorating!)

9. Do you want to re-locate the boiler / immersion heater / gas hob / radiators?

It's good to plan any major works before you move in, to ensure you don't make things harder for yourself by doing them in the wrong order. It's easier to do a lot of this work before decorating is done.

A bare minimum (unless it's a new build house), is to check you have the correct gas flow, your boiler is safe and serviced, and all appliances have been safety checked.

All of this can be organised through your estate agent and solicitor. Checks are advisable after exchange, so you know all is in order for when you complete your purchase.

Any major works to be carried out at a later date can be quoted for before you move in so you can consider it when budgeting.

Number one priority has to be safety. When moving into a new home, you have no idea if things are safe, even if there are documents saying appliances have been serviced / safety checked, there's no guarantee they've not since gone wrong or been worked on by an unqualified engineer.

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