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Don't be caught out by a burst pipe this winter!

Autumn is definitely here now, and winter is on it’s way!

The days are getting shorter and colder, the leaves are falling off the tree’s, and you’ve probably started turning your heating on.

As it gets even colder, heating doesn’t just keep you warm, it also helps prevent frozen pipes, which can be a disaster in your house!

A frozen pipe can lead to a burst pipe and water filling your home, which in turn will lead not only to getting the pipe fixed, but also re-decorating all the damage.

Good lagging or insulation on pipes under your floor will certainly help, but it’s essential to let warm water run through your pipes on a regular basis through the colder months.

External pipes, and pipes in attics and basements are the most prone to freezing, as they won’t be helped by the warmth inside your home.

So what can you look out for to avoid being caught out by a frozen pipe?

1. Keep an eye on the outside temperature. If it doesn’t drop below freezing point then you don’t have anything to worry about, however, once that mercury drops below 0° it’s time to keep an eye.

2. Look out for frost. Keep an eye on any pipes you can see without too much trouble, even the slightest bit of visible frost is the first sign the pipe could be starting to freeze.

3. No water! By this point it’s probably too late to stop pipes from freezing, but you need to rectify the situation before a pipe bursts!

4. Unusual smells. Any odd smells coming from your sink, bath or shower could be a sign a pipe has frozen somewhere.

All of this can be rectified, but be prepared and you won’t suffer any frozen or burst pipes this winter!

If the pipe has frozen but you see no signs of it bursting you need to warm the pipe gradually to defrost it, and make sure you keep warm water running through to prevent it happening again.

If the pipe is damaged or already burst, it’s time to turn off the water and call a plumber! Some insurance policies might cover this.


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